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Most of us have had at least one such instance in our lives when having left home all dressed up, we end up seeing someone who is wearing almost an identical outfit to ours. We then either act cool and joke about being long lost twins or just try to steer clear off the path of our twin for the day and cannot wait to run back home and change. We all have an inherent desire to be different, look different and have a unique personality. And though no two people are alike, you can certainly not escape being similar in certain aspects.

When it comes to our homes, things are not so different. It is believed that your home is an extension of your personality, the paint on the walls, the colour choices for the furnishings, pictures on the wall, your furniture and everything else in there is a peek into your lives. Talking specifically about furniture, there is a mixture from different sources. Certain pieces that have been in the family for generations (the prized possessions), furniture that you found online and bought at amazing Diwali Deals and furniture that you discovered at antique markets in your city all have a place in your home.

Although each and every piece of furniture cannot be unique and one of a kind, we all have a desire to have at least one such article at home that becomes a conversation starter at house parties. Sometimes, the need for something specific that would help you fill that one irritatingly empty corner of the living room or the perfectly sized table for your child’s bedroom that you just cannot find in the market also makes you feel the desire to get something that has been created for you from scratch, keeping your requirements in mind.


This is where we step in and take charge! We understand that sometimes the zillion things available in the market might still not fit the bill for you or sometimes you just want to have something created especially for you because it makes you feel good. You want to be involved in the entire process because after all, the furniture is going to sit in your home for years to come. We address this need of yours by offering two simple options to get your furniture customized easily.

You could alter anything that you find in our existing catalogue

If you like anything from our existing range of furniture but would like to alter the size, finish or any other details in the piece, you just need to contact us and tell us what you need. Our design team will figure out the details, send you a quote and take care of meeting your brief and delivering what you need.

You could send in your own design brief

In case, you would require something built for you from scratch, you could send in your ideas and your brief. Our Design team will collaborate with you to produce what you have in mind.

Our aim is to offer customized furniture to you at prices that you can afford and a quality that your home deserves. You can send us an email at [email protected] or Whatsapp us on +91 9958338865.

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