Some Tender Loving Care for your Solid Wood Furniture


It breaks your heart when the gorgeous Solid Wood Coffee Table that you had bought just a few months ago, the table that was the pride of your living room, starts looking like it is just fading away slowly in front of your eyes. When you buy furniture made in a special material like solid wood, it always helps to know how to care for it so that it can actually be kept for many many years to come.

Now, even if the furniture in your house has been made with high quality solid wood that has gone through proper seasoning processes and has been finished with high quality products that protect the surfaces, there some simple things that if you take care of, can really help in prolonging the look and life of your furniture.

 1Daily Cleaning of the Furniture

For Daily care, just wipe the surface of your furniture with a slightly Damp (not dripping wet) cloth. This will take care of removing the dirt and is sufficient for cleaning the furniture. Use of cleaning agents and chemical sprays on the furniture just ends up ruining the protective layer of coating on them.

2. Getting the brand new Look back

If after a couple of months, you feel that the furniture does not look as new as it looked when it arrived, you can easily change that. All you need is some natural beeswax that is easily available at hardware stores. Apply very little amounts of the wax on the furniture with a soft cloth and then buff the entire surface with a lint free cloth along the direction of the grains of the wood. The beeswax will instantly brighten up the surface and the furniture will look as good as new. Using a lint free cloth is always better otherwise you may end up having tiny particles of the cloth stuck in the grains of your furniture.

3. Avoiding and Cleaning Spills

Always try to use coasters on your table so you don’t end up with ring marks all over the surface. For the occasional spill that does happen no matter how careful you are, just use a clean damp cloth and then wipe off with a lint free rag.

Furniture Close ups

4. Keeping it away from direct sunlight

Although sunlight will not really harm your furniture in a day, it may end up fading the colour eventually. Furniture that is meant for the indoors, should be kept away from direct sunlight and more importantly – heat that makes the furniture discolour or warp.

5. Not dragging your furniture around

If you want to move furniture, ask for help and lift it to change its position. Avoid dragging it by yourself as it could cause damage to the furniture joints, not to mention your floor and your back.

Solid Wood is a very special material, it is naturally warm, soothing and beautiful to look at, so take care of your furniture and let it live a long and happy life!

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