Semi Knock Down Furniture – Living your Nomadic Life in Style!


Many years ago, a Swedish giant called IKEA came into the market and taught everyone that DIY (Do it Yourself) is a revelation that works to our benefit on so many levels. Ready to Assemble/Knock Down Furniture is a form of furniture that requires customer Assembly. Several furniture components are packed in a carton along with an assembly instruction manual and the hardware needed to build up your own furniture.

Not only does knock down furniture reduce the shipping costs and hence the final product cost, but it also helps reduce the chances of damage to furniture during the shipping and handling of it. Anyone who has seen someone throwing LPG gas cylinders from the top of truck with the firm belief that the man standing below will catch it like a bridesmaid catches the bride’s bouquet at a wedding, knows how transport and shipping happens in India. Let’s just say that the fragile and handle with care stickers on the carton don’t account for much. A table with the legs safely removed and packed horizontally will have much higher chances of surviving as it changes hands during shipping.

Apart from  the journey that the furniture makes to reach you, most of the times there is a lot more travelling in store for it. The kind of lives that we live today are much more unpredictable. A lot of People don’t believe in investing all their money in buying a house and then living in one place and one city for the rest of their lives. We often need to move and change homes because of our jobs. Along with us, moves a lot of our furniture. If the furniture is too bulky and difficult to ship, it is parted with and sold/passed on to someone else.


The question is, if you are in love with your gorgeous coffee table, why should you have to give it up? Enter – Knockdown furniture solutions. If you could disassemble this coffee table, you would surely take it with you to your new home. At DwellDuo, we try to design most of our furniture with semi – knockdown structures. We understand that a lot of people still use support for installing furniture and do not like to take the task of assembling upon themselves during the little precious free time they get. So the furniture that we design is Semi-Knockdown. Usually the legs are packed separately and just need to be assembled to the frame. We provide Assembly Instructions along with the tool to fix the hardware. Even if you do not have a machine or tool kit at home, you will still be able to assemble the furniture.

It has been proven that when you assemble your furniture, you feel a sense of accomplishment. The Indian Market may not be completely ready to adopt something like an IKEA assembly system, but a Semi-Knockdown system will help solve a lot of problems. After all, just because you move a lot doesn’t mean the furniture in your home cannot be move with you and turn each house of yours into a comfortable and familiar space!

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