Buying Furniture for your Kid’s Room is no Child’s Play


Gone are the days when the child’s room was easily furnished by filling it up with multicoloured plastic objects. When it comes to decorating a room for your children today, it requires a very different thought process. Your kids seem to spend so much time in their bedroom whether they are working, playing or sleeping. You need to understand the nature of your kid so that the bedroom decor reflects his or her personality, thoughts and imagination.

The furniture that you choose plays a vital role in the decor of the room. The topmost priority is for it to be safe,  i.e- it should have no sharp edges, should be coated with non-toxic finishes and should be sturdy so that is doesn’t topple over easily while being subjected to your kid’s acrobatic talents. The materials used for the furniture are also important, as your children learn to use all their senses, it is so important that they get to see, touch and feel different materials and learn their characteristics.

DwellDuo’s Range of furniture for kids has been designed with the philosophy that kids too deserve to have beautiful solid wood furniture that has been designed especially for them. We do not coat the wood in solid and opaque colours, instead we let the natural beauty and grains of wood be visible to be appreciated and loved.

Azzuro Chest of Drawers and Woody Chair

Our choice of material, Mango is inherently a light wood that ensures that while the furniture is strong enough to be used roughly, it is also easily portable so that it can be moved and repositioned in the room as and when required by your child. Instead of using the traditional primary Red, Blue and Yellow colours, we have chosen a vibrant yellow and a calming turquoise that have a friendly vibe to them and match perfectly to natural mango wood colour.

The idea behind making this range of furniture for us has been to make something for the kids that is so beautiful that even the adults want it for themselves. After all, growing up surrounded by a loving family and some adorable furniture is the best way to do it really!


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