A Modern Minimalist Furniture Style for Urban India


So as is the case with many startups with overly enthusiastic founders, the DwellDuo logo passed through various stages of transformation until we were finally satisfied. DwellDuo made up of the two words – ‘Dwell’ (which means to live) and ‘Duo’ (that means a team of two) is a brand for Solid Wood Furniture that has been created by a crazy twosome for the homes that you dwell in!

Our logo which has been designed by Aarushi Patel, a super talented illustrator and designer based in Jaipur is a perfect representation of us. It is two different bracket signs that when put together make a complete ‘D’. The two brackets are symbolic of the two of us, both different and hence bringing something unique to the brand.

Although we both started out together studying at the same Design Institute, one continued to work as a furniture designer and then pursue her masters in the same field, and the other went ahead and worked as a brand manager with highly reputed online sales platforms. Just like the two different brackets, we both bring in our experiences and knowledge from our different backgrounds together to complete the brand.

DwellDuo at its roots makes modern and minimalist Furniture and Accessories for homes in urban India. Love for Simplicity with a dash of Quirkiness is what dictates the look of all our products! Even though we work with classic and timeless materials like Sheesham, we do it in a way that matches our current lifestyles and needs. A lot of our pieces can be dismantled and flat packed, so they are aptly suited to move with you if you are a nomad and move jobs and homes frequently. We try and give as much of storage as possible in the compact furniture that we make as most of us need drawers and shelves more than anything else in the house.


Our motto behind all the designs is that we only make pieces that we would love to keep in our own homes too! We put a lot of tender loving care in all our furniture and offer pieces that we believe are useful, well made and of fair value. Furniture is something that you live with and keep for a long time and our aim is to make that time a very long time! At the end of the day, what gets us excited is creating something that you would love and make a part of your home!

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